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Lotus Garden Hotel
1227 A. Mabini corner
Padre Faura Sts
Ermita Manila, Philippines

Lotus Garden Hotel
Manila, Philippines


Dine in at Lotus Garden Hotel in Manila, Philippines Dine in at Lotus Garden Hotel in Manila, Philippines

Cilantro Restaurant

For those searching for gastronomic delights, and extraordinary culinary experience that you will never forget, Lotus Garden Hotel can satisfy you with the following dining bistros that will delight and satisfy your appetite. Cilantro Restaurant provides you with delectable choice of Filipino dishes that you will truly savor, Guest can experience fine dining pleasure and while savoring appetizing dishes like authentic Kare-kare, Pata Bawang, Cilantroi’s Major specialties.

Wings Over Manila Sports Bar

Searching for a chance to relax with a cool glass of wine in hand! Then this is the best spot for you! With cozy ambiance and wide variety of cocktails drinks, wines and various